Q) For onsite parties, how early can I come to set up and how late can I stay for clean-up?

A) We ask our guests to come no earlier than 20 minutes prior to party start and stay no later than 20 minutes post party. We typically have parties booked with limited time between so we ask everyone to respect other guests’ needs.

Q) What can I expect from the typical 2 hour onsite party?

A) We encourage our guests to feel comfortable and use the space as their own. We will have out all the toys, jumpy house, sports equipment and play stations for the duration of the party. We typically begin offering pony rides 30 minutes into the party once the majority of guests have arrived. We will keep the pony out, on average, for 1 hour. This gives guests time for food, cake, presents, etc. We also like our staff to be able to have some time bringing other animals around to be pet, photographed, etc. However, if you would like the pony out for longer than the 1 hour, please feel free to express this! They are always saddled and ready to go during the party for that reason!

Q) What is required to reserve our date/time?

A) 50% deposit is due at booking

Q) What is the cancellation policy?

A) Deposits will not be refunded for any reason. We turn down others to reserve your spot so it is not fair for us or others when parties are cancelled last minute. However, in the event of extreme weather or emergency, any cancellation with 24 hour notice, deposit amount may be applied to a rescheduled event.

Q) What happens if it rains?

A) We will be happy to reschedule your party, with 24 hour notice in the event of extreme weather. However, we don’t mind light rain so please decide 24 hour before the party to ensure your deposit may be put towards your new date!

Q) For offsite parties does the time booked reflect set-up and travel time?

A) No, if you book us for 1 hour. We will provide rides/petting zoo for the entire hour.

Q) What decides the travel fee?

A) The travel fees are assessed by Pony Town Parties, at our discretion based on proximity to the farm, date, time, etc. These will be disclosed at booking and are typically not applied for parties less than 15 miles from Ford Farm in East Bridgewater.

Q) Can we bring our own food and drinks for onsite parties?

A) Yes, please do! We encourage you to make the most of the space. We have people order delivery, cook out with their grill and bring in caterers. Your party is what you make it!

Q) Can we bring decorations?

A) You may, however, we ask you pick up any popped balloons, streamers, etc. before leaving the farm. They can be hazardous to our many curious animals. We discourage pinatas and any confetti-like products, as they are often too messy and require tedious clean-up post party.

Q) How many guests can I have?

A) Given the space, we don’t cap the amount of guests. However, we only have chairs/tables to accommodate approx. 60-70 people. We also currently have adequate parking for approx. 30 cars at our 1194 Plymouth Street entrance.