Open Ride: Sat Oct. 13th 2012 Noon - 4pm

Come'n ride a PONY for $1.00 per minute (5 minute minimum). Our wranglers will lead the pony through our pint size western town.  Your little partner will feel like a cowboy/cowgirl!

Call to reserve a time or just come on in (if you don't reserve you may have to wait in line)


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Pretend be a “Sheriff” and RIDE a Pony out with the posse and apprehend the bank robbers and throw them in jail. Each little partner will be deputized and given a badge to wear. Several “bank robber” will be hidden in the Ponytown for the new Deputy sheriff to find.







Pony Express

Pretend be a “Pony Express” rider and Ride a pony thru the wildreness and deliver the important mail to the town (don't worry partners 'cause the local Indians are mighty friendly in theses parts, you can even check out their teepee). A leather saddle bag is provided along with addressed envelops to be delivered to the mail boxes.





Gold hunt

Pretend to hunt for Gold! Ride a Pony on a Treasure Hunt for Gold nuggets! A “Treasure map” will direct the rider to the Gold. A canvas pouch is provided to carry all the gold and turn in the gold nuggets for a PRIZE or a TREAT! Word in these here parts is that there's so much gold it's just laying on the ground, but sometime you'll have to dig for it)


Each little partner can choose which activity they want to do on each ride. They can do all three activities (one on each ride through) or just one activity or do all activities at the same time-sometime when your hunting for gold you'll run across a “Bank robber”that needs to be thrown in jail! As time allows, they can repeat their favorite activity over and over. After all this riding they may work up a mighty big thirst and need to visit the “ride up window” at the local Cafe or the 'Covered wagon' for a cool libation (Sorry, there's no firewater in Ponytown, the Sheriff don't allow no under-age drink'n- it's a “dry” town, as dry as a cactus during a 10 year drought!) The only cool libation that is provided is the 'elixir of life' -that's water fer'n you who aint educamated right!